Episode 1 – “Entrepreneurship Is Not A Rockstar Life!”

Episode 1 – “Entrepreneurship Is Not A Rockstar Life!”

By Jerry Miller

So you’re thinking about launching a business because you’ve watched “Shark Tank,” and you think business ownership is a rockstar’s life that will lead to wealth, freedom and a boss-free lifestyle.

Well, how about this…

Every single day on my honeymoon (my first vacation in 12 years), I woke up at 3:30 am Hawaiian time to check-in and manage my East Coast team (they are 6 hours ahead of me). I worked from 3:30 am until 9 am while my bride slept. I was glued to my iPhone like Elmer’s on elementary school crafts.

Yes, it’s business as usual for my companies and our awesome clients. The Miller Organization is crushing it.

Me? Let’s just say sleep is overrated. ~ @JerryMillerNow