Meet Shanice Ragland, CEO, We Are Loyalty Company

Meet Shanice Ragland, CEO, We Are Loyalty Company

By Jerry Miller

Connecting with entrepreneurs and learning about their successes, trials and tribulations is one of my favorite aspects of owning an advertising and branding agency (VMV Brands). These entrepreneurs could be business owners who are deep in the game who have been generating tens of millions of dollars in sales per year, or they could be aspiring entrepreneurs who are just launching their businesses.

One of my favorite clients is Shanice Ragland, the CEO of We Are Loyalty, a soon-to-launch clothing company that will donate a portion of all merchandise sales to cancer research.

Shanice and her team embody all the qualities you need to be a successful entrepreneur. She’s a fearless visionary who is ambitious, focused and unafraid of failure. Both of Shanice’s parents are business owners, so she was raised in an entrepreneurial family.

I am SO PUMPED to watch Shanice develop as a CEO, leader and employer, and I am reminded of a few Biggie Smalls lyrics when I think of the bright future on Shanice’s horizon:

“The sky is the limit and you know that you keep on pressin’ on. The sky is the limit, and you know that you can have what you want, be what you want.”

Here is Shanice’s story: